Kiip partners with Qwil to speed up app ad payments

Kipp, the mobile marketing and monetisation platform, recently announced a partnership with Qwil, a payments platform, to speed up app publisher and developer payments for ads.

According to Shaun Azam, head of finance at Sweatcoin – a Kiip partner, ad payments for in-app ads are still not coming through at a rate equal to ad measurements.

“By working with both Kiip and Qwil, we’re able to better match advertisers to our audience, and then access that ad revenue much quicker than before. This helps us reinvest that revenue at a faster rate, quickly solving issues or promoting new features that keep our users engaged,” he said.

The partnership is a first for Qwil which has never directly partnered with an ad network.

Kiip’s ad solutions are currently in use across over 10,000 apps. The company employs anonymous, event-level data to connect brand advertisers with consumers during moments that matter.

Meanwhile, Qwil provides on-demand payouts of app store and ad network earnings, as well as flexible financing for game publishers.

“The digital advertising industry is disappointingly opaque, with several go-betweens slowing down the flow of dollars from brand buyer to app developer,” explained Brian Wong, CEO and founder of Kiip.

“There’s absolutely no reason for it to be this way, which is why part of Kiip’s mission is to ensure an optimal experience for every stakeholder in the mobile ad experience. Our recent blockchain-backed product launches have sought to resolve discrepancies and inject transparency into the mobile ad ecosystem. This partnership with Qwil goes one step further, accelerating the payment timeline to ensure our app partners can continue to grow.”

Furthermore, Qwil’s payment infrastructure provides features that improve on payment processing and on-demand payouts to minimise cash flow issues.

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