Kid influencer marketing – new start-up plans to address market gap

Anne Freier | January 10, 2019


If you’ve ever heard of Ethan Gamer TV or Emma and Mila Stauffer, you’ll know that kid influencers are a thing.

Indeed, 75% of children aged 6 to 17 years would like to become YouTubers and all of them are viewers of influencers and young toy review stars.

A new start-up – ToyBox Marketing and Management – hopes to address this trend and help brands navigate the more fragile landscape of child influencers.

“We recognise that the needs of brands are changing, and the power of kid influencers are being utilised to promote everything from toys to family vacations,” explained Catherine Kimsey, Founding Partner & CEO of ToyBox Marketing and Management. “Take, for example, the highest earning YouTube star in 2018 was a kid influencer. This is a growing market.”

Brands such as toy makers, video companies and kid clothing retailers in the US and globally are now able to work with ToyBox Marketing and Management’s strategy team.

However, the kid influencer business isn’t free from criticism. In fact, parents worldwide face calls to stop exposing their children to a digital value-based system where their worth may be judged on nothing more than likes and click-throughs.

Kimsey cautions:

“With that growing market, though, comes an inherent risk around kid safety and continuity in brand messaging. We put kid influencer safety first, offering an educational training series designed to help parents navigate the world of kid influencer marketing. For brands, we offer a scalable, end-to-end content monitoring service that offers the comfort needed to feel confident leveraging this form of marketing.”

The company is addressing safety and privacy issues by working directly with the parents to find the opportunities that suit their kids the best.

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