Key Tips For New Mobile Affiliates On Getting Approved And Co-Driving Campaigns

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Partner Post - Kimia Mobile Performance Marketing

Posted: January 25, 2016

“To get approved, or not to get approved – That is the question.”
That is indeed the question for some affiliates, specially “newbies”. For experienced affiliates, their main concern after approval is finding a network that has just the right mix of self-service tools with dedicated account management that enables and speeds up an optimized campaign launch.
At Kimia we believe that what an affiliate looks for in a premium account manager is not someone to “drive” their traffic, Account Managers should not be at the wheel during the rally, their role is to be “co-drivers”, giving information of the “road” ahead, clearing any doubts the partner may have, ready to lend any and all support at a moments notice should the affiliate need it. This is what Kimia offers: the best of in-traffic “co-drivers”.
“Newbies” are welcome at Kimia, we help them start their affiliate marketing journey with us. What we look for are professionals who “mean business”, if your knocking on our doors its because you are ready to start to learn and communicate with your account manager. We value clients who are proactively learning on other well known forums and who show that they are ready to collaborate.
Approval Process and On-boarding
At Kimia we have created an on-boarding process lead by an experienced team that allows us to support both types of clients.
Our on-boarding process is simple, no strings attached. You are invited to answer a minimum of questions, which should not be seen as a filter for approval but rather offering transparent information. The clearer and more sincere an affiliate is, the better and more detailed the support we can provide. Our team will answer via Skype or email within 24-48 hours (depending on the festivities) and no further requirements are asked for; no phone calls, not referrals, however we do pro-actively ask for Skype connection as its a more time efficient way to communicate and we wish to build on a direct relationship. Our aim is that you understand the platform and business model quickly and effectively so that we can both use it to the best of your advantage.
We have dedicated professionals native in many languages such as English, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Dutch, Hindi and Mandarin, as we find partners are more comfortable discussing tech integrations, market fluctuations etc., in their native tongue. Some processes are pretty straightforward –  “handbook” even – however at Kimia we prefer premium management, meaning human contact as opposed to self-service and virtual guidebooks. Our account managers provide in-detail feedback on how to optimize a campaign to improve your performance, sometimes, due to platform developments or specific affiliate needs, our Account Managers may have backend tools that can help you further.
Account management, is it really “all that”?
One of Kimia’s key differentiators is precisely our premium account management, due to our market and industry experience and knowledge. Networks can offer top products and stats tools, however having the added value of a dedicated and experienced account manager will lead to time and economic efficiency, an account manager will be a quick guide to your next step in achieving the best revenue.
The foundation of our relationship with our partners is that we both have the same objective, its a win-win situation; the traffic “driver” and the “co-driver” have the same goal: to help you grow your revenue.
You can visit the Kimia website here.

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