Ketan Chavda, Managing Director and Ashish Parmar, CEO, Prismetric Talk App Development

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Posted: May 26, 2016

Ketan Chavda is the Managing Director and Ashish Parmar is CEO of Prismetric Technologies, a premier mobile app development company and a web solutions provider embedding the latest trends and technology. They take care of Business development and operations both.

Director and CEO of Prismetric

What is Prismetric and how are you positioned in the market?

Prismetric is a premier Web Solutions and Mobile App development Company who specializes in offering custom mobile applications and game development for Andriod and iOS platforms. We strive to provide end-to-end services which include, but are not limited to designing, development, testing and marketing. We have carved out a niche for ourselves and are among the widely renowned top mobile app developers in the world.

What types of clients do you work with?

We are an esteemed business with our clientele spread throughout the world, and their niche areas ranging from a wide prospect of business functionalities and services. We have served the small businesses as well as the huge branded ones to their utmost satisfaction, making us equally viable to work with both the businesses.

Prismetric portfolio


What geographies are you focused on and where are you seeing the most growth?

We have a worldwide presence, but our focus is on more on client centric countries like the US, Canada, Australia and some countries in Europe. Apart from these countries UAE is one location where we are focusing at the moment and just to let you know we will soon be launching a new website for our prospective clients there. Talking about the growth, it will be difficult to pick a particular country or location that has a huge difference, but the ones that just edges past the others will be UAE and the US.

What are your main tips for successful mobile app development?

The first thing that matters the most is the idea, which needs to be thought about from a different perspective and also tested for appropriateness to check if it adds value to the user and the customer. Appropriate design, robust code, elegant UI for better UX, embedding the latest techniques while keeping in mind the target audience are the aspects that need to be taken care of during the development phase of an app and thereafter testing it through various processes is necessary for further improvements. Precisely, the key to a successful mobile app lies in the level of engagement with the user and how the mobile app adds up in line with the services providing an elated experience as a customer.

What do you think about the current state of software development for wearable devices?

Wearable App development has got a lot of attention in a just a short span and with the advent of better technology there are new opportunities still emerging. There is a tremendous need of the wearable apps in the market after people got to know its true potential. Making a call, texting, calling a cab, accessing your mails, reminders and a lot more exclusive features that will just change the way a person looks at technology, and all of this just in a watch. There are other wearable devices that have been developed for specific purposes as well like the fitness band, jogging shoes, and the list could go on and on. This provides a glimpse about the extent to wearable app development has penetrated the market and the potential that it can endow you with.

What do you think about the level of adoption for Apple’s iBeacon technology? Did you work on any apps that support the iBeacon tech?

As a mobile app developer, I am a big fan of the technology; as it provides a new world of opportunities for interactivity with better location awareness. It adds a very exclusive experience to the location based marketing. Brick and Motor business had much to gain with the use of beacons to improve their marketing and sales. We have worked on iBeacon based app but it is not live.

What kind of people work with you in the team at Prismetric?

Prismetric has some of the most talented workforce at every level and to be precise in every niche, with each one of them striving to put their best foot forward. Be it the developers, the designers or the marketing team, everyone here works as a part of a team. Right from the managers to the executives everyone has a defined set of work allotted and ensures that it is done with the utmost sincerity, which ensures a smooth flow of work. Skill development and researching for the latest updates and trends is an integral part of our weekly work allotment system. Many of us have developed a very good bonding with each other and have become best friends, which makes it easier to work together and provide the desired results. We at Prismetric have our own share of fun games, competitions and celebrations which help to maintain a positive environment.

What mobile devices do you use personally?

We use iPhone 6s Plus. We love all Apple products. For Android we like to use Samsung Galaxy phones.

What are your favorite apps?

WhatsApp, Skype, Trello, Twitter, Strava, Tripadvisor will form a list of some of my most widely used app, almost every day (except Tripadvisor). In today’s world you cannot stay away from social media and other means of communication and engagement on a personal as well as the professional level. Apart from the apps listed above, there is a complete list of Apps from Google.

What part of your house, if any, would you like to update with IoT technology?

With the way things are going IoT looks to be the future. So, talking about the future, it will include everything from the garage doors opening for the driverless cars, to the entertainment system recording my favorite shows. Playing my favourite music tracks just at my command with the voice operated system installed for almost every appliance possible. Precisely, it will be the use of technology with ample of information and being amazed at every interval. After all, who would not love to own a house that lives just with the power of their voices.

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