Kenshoo partners with Actifio for improved mobile advertising adjustment


Source Kenshoo

Mobile and digital marketer Kenshoo has just partnered with copy data virtualisation firm Actifio to ramp up its software development cycle which features Actifio’s copy data virtualisation technology.
Kenshoo has now completed over 100 third-party integrations with campaigns running in over 190 countries. Clients include Expedia, Facebook, Tesco, Travelocity and Twitter.
The marketer previously had to wait days to receive on-demand virtual copies of production data for development. This required Kenshoo’s clients to access its mobile app to adjust marketing campaigns. However, by adding Actifio’s copy data virtualisation technology, the whole process is being reduced to just a few hours. This means that Kenshoo can deliver a more efficient service, grow its customer base and maximise marketing spend.
Yair Magnezi, DevOps Storage and Data Protection Team Leader, Kenshoo, explains:

“Every second, valuable audiences engage with and click on nearly 4,000 Kenshoo-served ads globally. This is the reason our customers work with us – to reach the right audience and optimize their marketing spend. Ensuring we can deliver that ability is critical to our business. We’ve been using Actifio successfully for to back up our critical databases, and provision data for our development and engineering lab environments. The time taken to provision data copies and backup data has been reduced, as well as the storage space required. Actifio has helped to streamline our development process and enable us to work more efficiently for our customers.”

When data is decoupled from its underlying physical infrastructure, Actifio’s copy data virtualisation technology makes it easier to access data. As such, clients will be able to reduce their backup and recovery times, and experience a simplified operational complexity, data access and availability.
Ash Ashutosh, Actifio Founder and CEO, adds:

“Kenshoo counts some of the biggest brands in the world as its customers, and those brands compete in a world that’s moving fast. Kenshoo’s clients need them to move fast as well, and the speed of Kenshoo’s software development capability is essential to delivering new capabilities in time to impact the market. Together we were able to uncover ways to help their dev team move faster while giving their ops team better control of both data and cost, a win-win for everyone that will help Kenshoo keep their edge in a competitive market.”

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