Keeping It Clean – Fyber ramps up initiative to improve video platform and marketplace

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. December 19, 2017

Video supply side platform and RTB exchange, Fyber, has announced that it would take serious action to improve the quality of its marketplace and become a cleaner supply-focused video platform.
The company also appointed more dedicated resources for its inventory qualification projects at the start of Q3 in order to make the platform ever more transparent.
It’s all part of Fyber’s ‘Keeping it Clean’ initiative.
Ross Barasch, VP Demand at Fyber RTB, explains that each ad request that comes through the Fyber platform is now qualified and the company has been excluding non-direct traffic sources from its marketplace.

“It’s a significant milestone now that we’ve decreased the non-direct traffic sources to zero. As a result, we’re now sending our demand partners 100% direct traffic. In addition, we’ve decided to bring our ads.txt adoption strategy to the next level. We keep dedicating efforts to educate our partners about IAB’s initiative and took an active role in the implementation process. By now, 60% of our top 1000 ads.txt enabled domains have Fyber added to their ads.txt file.”

Besides a move to filter supply through the platform, the company also wanted to give its demand partners added control over their inventory.
By adding improvements to its user interface, demand partners can also request to update their configurations in order to focus on inventory from publishers that Fyber has listed as approved resellers.

“Since the launch of ‘Keeping it Clean’ we saw a 60% increase in video traffic execution rate and a 100x  increase in bid rates. Hopefully, others will follow suit so that clean and transparent traffic is the norm in our industry,” added Barasch.