Kargo partners with NBCUniversal for premium content mobile advertising service

NBCUniversal and Kargo, this week, have partnered up for a strategic sales deal in which NBCUniversal will be joining its digital portfolio with Kargo’s advertising technology to create a mobile advertising service that exclusively offers premium content.
The move shifts the companies’ combined focus to target the upfront marketplace with mobile ad solutions for agencies and advertisers by offering access to over 170 million mobile users across 80 premium publishing properties on mobile web and apps. Together, their portfolios currently represent the largest brand-safe platform in mobile.
Harry Kargman, Founder & CEO, Kargo, explains that this is an important step for Kargo:

“It’s not possible to overstate the significance of this partnership; we are now able to offer brand advertisers an unparalleled platform for branding in a mobile-first world. Marketers have been looking for alternative and incremental solutions for doing creative branding on mobile devices, and our combination of scaled premium content and beautiful, research-tested ad creatives is the answer.”

A part of the deal, NBCUniversal is also readying a portfolio of mobile properties for advertisers to use via the Kargo platform.
Research by Teads has previously shown that premium content ad placements result in more views and longer dwell times.
Kargo adds that the deal supports “superior ad viewability” in addition to brand safety by placing ads within trusted, fraud-free environments. In addition, the deal includes the integration of many third-party measurement providers such as Moat, IAS, Nielsen and comScore.
The partners are going to develop ad products and data targeting capabilities together to take advantage of NBCUniversal’s Audience Studio and Kargo’s Editorial Graph and SHOPS platform
Linda Yaccarino, Chairman, Advertising Sales and Client Partnerships, NBCUniversal, adds:

“Collaborating with Kargo to create opportunities for advertisers together in a trusted, brand-safe environment will make it easier for mobile marketing campaigns to scale. Now, we can expand marketers’ reach across the highly valuable mobile environment bringing the best of premium content and audience targeting through one point of sale.”

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