JUICE Mobile officially launches Nectar Futures to help advertisers and publishers access premium mobile inventory

JUICE Mobile just launched Nectar Futures, a marketplace specifically designed for mobile ads. The marketplace guarantees advertisers premium mobile inventory across various formats and enables publishers to generate revenue from upfront purchases and control over their sales.
Nectar Futures is a mobile advertising marketplace
Source: nectarfutures.com
Nectar Future combines real-time buying with guaranteed programmatic direct buys and traditional direct sales. This allows buyers to minimise cost, delivery and quality risk of real-time exchanges.
Neil Sweeney, CEO, JUICE Mobile, says:

“The RTB market is great when you want to buy an impression for ‘right now,’ but when you are planning for tent pole events such as the Back to School season or Black Friday, and everyone wants the same inventory as you, the price goes up and supply gets scarce. Nectar Futures allows you to hedge your bets and mitigate these risks. We’ve been running this product in beta with clients and publishers since Q3 and now we’re offering this advantage to our clients.”

Nectar, launched in 2013, is a programmatic direct platform which is being used by agencies as well as 1,500+ publishers. With Nectar Futures, marketers and publishers are getting a robust auction process.

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