Juice Mobile adds 100% viewability to in-app mobile apps

Mobile marketing and ad agency Juice Mobile recently announced the addition of 100% viewability to its in-app and mobile web ads. The service will apply to ads run through the company’s Nectar programmatic platform as well as its mobile DSP Swarm.
Neil Sweeney, President and CEO, Juice Mobile, says:

“We see a majority of consumers naturally migrate to premium mobile sites, so we are offering a 100% viewability guarantee not only for in-app ads, but also for mobile web, which is a key differentiator as other ad tech companies do not offer this option. Guaranteeing 100% viewability is a natural progression for us as we’ve always delivered quality mobile impressions for our clients across all of our platforms.”

The news come at a time when mobile advertising viewability is becoming a hot topic for advertisers globally. The Media Ratings Council (MRC) recently acknowledge the need for clear guidelines on how to measure viewability in mobile ads. At the same time, Millennial Media and 33Across have launched similar services, guaranteeing 100% viewability for mobile ads.
However, the lack of clear guidelines on what “viewable” means leaves these services seem a little uncertain. Anne Hunter, SVP of Global Marketing Strategy, Comscore, says:

“What it actually means is that they’re only going to charge for ads that have been measured to be viewable. They’ll certainly be serving ads that are not viewable. You can’t guarantee 100% viewability, but it is possible to only bill for 100% viewable impressions. It’s something we’re seeing more and more of.”

Juice says it will be working with a range of partners to track and measure the success of its campaigns. Charging for only viewable impressions means that the company will have to swallow the cost of any additional impressions. Sweeney adds:

“Paying for what you’re actually getting – that will become table stakes soon, and buying non-viewable ads will be on the endangered species list. If you don’t offer it, you’re not going to be on the buy going forward. Sure, there’s a little bit of ‘me tooing’ going on, but it’s also true that the legitimate guys will put out this guarantee and the other guys won’t.”

More and more marketers are likely to offer or incorporate 100% viewability standards, as brands demand full visibility for their ad dollars across mobile devices. Given the complexity of the technologies, it remains to be seen how mobile ads can be truly measured.

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