It’s a jolly season for game app developers as majority of gamers want to download and play more games during the holidays

Anne Freier | November 17, 2017

Mobile Advertising

Good news for gamers this Christmas! A majority of mobile gamers are planning to spend the holiday season playing games more frequently than last year, according to new research from Tapjoy. The research also notes that gamers are planning to download more games and engage more frequently with in-app rewards.
The Modern Mobile Gamer: The Marketer’s Guide to Holiday Gaming Trends report found that 72% of mobile gamers were intend on downloading at least one new game during the holiday season and 80% also said they would like to spend more time playing games.
The increase in projected user activity is also beneficial for advertisers as in-app ad engagement is predicted to increase. Indeed, 57% of the 20,000 respondents in the US and Europe reported that they would be more likely to view rewarded videos and complete rewarded offers during the holiday season.

“This study validates why the the mobile gaming audience presents such a great opportunity for performance and brand advertisers alike – particularly during the holidays,” said Shannon Jessup, chief revenue officer of Tapjoy. “Mobile gamers are already a uniquely engaged audience, but holiday downtime means that they spend even more time in-app, are more curious to try new games, and are more likely to engage with in-app advertising, making it the perfect time for advertisers to drive value for their campaigns.”

In addition, the report found that mobile gamers are now enjoying games during more hours per day. 30% of respondents estimated that they are playing an additional three hours per day. Another 11% reported that they are playing five or more hours a day.
Although 72% said they may download one game during the holidays, 43% are planning to download two or more games, whilst 12% are going to download five or more games.
The preferred game types were action games this season.
When it comes to the types of adverts gamers prefer, a majority said that they were more interested in adverts for movie trailers and entertainment.

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