It works: UK consumers are being influenced by location-based mobile advertising

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With a growing number of UK consumers engaging with mobile ads, location has become a key driver in relevance and audience engagement. According to the Blis Insights: The influence of location on cross-device advertising study by Blis Media, the UK is a highly connected society with an average number of four devices per household. 18-24 year-olds are the most connected owning multiple devices, including smartphones, laptops, wearables as well as gaming consoles. Whilst the older generation is less connected, they are still tech savvy.
UK cross-device demographics
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In terms of mobile ad engagement, 43% of UK consumers have previously clicked on a mobile ad, whilst 39% said their location had a positive impact on the decision to click on an ad. Interestingly, user click-through rates on mobile ads are twice as high from home, compared to other locations such as shopping malls, restaurants or during a commute. The same is true for other devices.
Consumers engage more when at home
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Connectivity also affects how consumers respond to mobile ads and where. Home engagement with mobile ads is being driven by WiFi connections, whilst commuters and shoppers are using mobile data.
Mobile connectivity determines location of engagement
The consumer purchasing path triggered by mobile advertising takes place across multiple devices including smartphones, tablets and laptops, with an average 58% of transactions involving at least one other device to complete the purchase. 14% of UK consumers (9m of the UK population) engage with a brand as a result of location-based ads on mobile devices.
Mobile advertising interaction rates
Greg Isbister, CEO, BlisMedia, says:
gregor isbister

“Mobile advertising may be the fastest growing sector of the ad industry, but whilst there is a huge amount of data on how many ads are shown, the industry’s understanding of the role of location and context on mobile and cross-screen advertising has lagged behind. With this report we wanted to take a detailed look at how location influences our online behavior and how, by taking location into account, brands and advertisers can create smarter, more engaging and more successful advertising. What this report shows is that advertisers absolutely can’t rely on a ‘one size fits all’ approach.”

Marketers can capitalise on these findings, by optimising their campaigns for multiple devices. Mobile advertising is a clear driver in the path to purchase, with location driving engagement across device types.

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