Is this Year Big for Live Video Streaming App Development?

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Posted: August 9, 2018

2018 has seen the biggest development with regards to web-based apps and services. Most people are interested to watch their desired content on the go. Smartphones and tablets are the ideal devices to fulfil that purpose, especially if you consider yourself a busy person. With advancements in photography and videography, online content has seen a great rise. It has become immensely easy to produce quality video content, thanks to a bunch video and photo editing apps found for free on mobile ecosystems. Here we cite the top reasons why this year could prove to be a grand one for Live Video Streaming app development.

Business prosperity

In this age, every other business needs to specify their purpose or product through some visual representation. With things like YouTube, DailyMotion, and IGTV gaining enough ground, the video is the way to go. A potentially good representation of the content through a concise yet powerful video can gain you enough fame in the market. Thanks to advanced tools, now the entire business model could be easily implemented through a video which the audience can see in real time.

Advancement in API functionality

API or Application Program Interface is the best solution, especially for large creators. It helps to put forward the project before the user in the form of an interface. With Android and iOS application development becoming as easy as ever to implement, video interfaces have become the talk of the day. Some of the basic features that you get from a typical API are new live-stream, labelling, retrieving analytics, security options etc. 

With the advent of video-based APIs, the whole functionality could be implanted using a programming approach. It helps your Live Stream app to have support for integration in the mobile platforms. It also helps you bind a whole lot of new features to your app. Those might include implementing your videos over to the developers’ website, building customized portals, platforms & services and things like that.

Features that your Live Streaming app should definitely have

  • Seamless Registration

Users wanting to access your services should not face any issues with the registration process. They should be able to sign in to your platform through their social handles like Google, Facebook or Twitter accounts. Also, you should also add the functionality that would let users recover their accounts in case they forget the password.

  • Importing Contacts

Every creator wants to gain popularity by increasing the size of the targeted audience. The video streaming app has to have enough options by which the users can import their contacts. This not only helps you to construct a bigger viewer base but also strengthens the pillars of your business.

  • Searching and Sorting

Every person has a different taste. Your app should also abide by that fact. The Video Streaming app should have a search pane. It should be able to display just the right results to the query which the user is inputting. Besides, there must be options to filter the content list with respect to popularity, relevance, the number of views, best rated, location etc. You must make sure that your videos are being reached to the right spectators.

  • Notification

Most people tend to use notifications a lot these days. Top app developers are of the opinion that most of their viewers watch their content on the go. The app you develop must have the perfect provision in managing notifications. Users should be able to see when their favourite artists go live, or when their comments have been liked or replied etc. through push messages.

  • Privacy

Your users are your biggest assets. You have to effectively take care of their privacy and security fronts. The video API you use must be able to cope up with the well-being of their usage.

A brief of the most advanced tools to create a mature app

  • Facebook Video API

Facebook has evolved a lot to become to one of the most widely used video platforms ever. Its huge user base has been a constant watcher of its videos, thanks to the most unique nature of their content.

  • UStream

UStream Video Streaming API has the most advanced interfaces for implementing a whole lot of functions. These include users the capability to watch, share and show a video.

The hard fact

The saying, true as it is, YouTube no longer holds the monopoly as the most influential video platform. With new creators trying to gain more popularity, YouTube is no longer the ultimate champion. Though it was YouTube which popularized the LiveStream side of things, a lot of new and enriched platforms have worked hard to make their content live.

Where does Live Video Stream have the most influence?

  • Retail

If your business is centered around retail, Live Streaming Video apps have the great credibility to ensure your Brand’s success. Through the correct implementation of a live video app, users will be attracted to your business.

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  • Healthcare

With both patients and doctors becoming very busy with their respective fields, Live Video Streaming has gained ground in the healthcare industry as well. Doctors are able to reach their patients with online streaming of their content through smartphone apps.

  • Real Estate

Live video streaming has great potential to help people with their Real Estate requirements. Brokers are able to show properties to their respective customers through a video platform. Customers no longer have to visit the place to get a notion of the property. Real Estate marketing is hugely dependent on graphical elements. The video is the best platform to experience just that, right on your device screen.


So, it is clear that the future of Live Video Streaming is quite clear. Every app nowadays has enough potential, thanks to the great depiction of content through the video format. It has helped millions of users of content and their creators come closer by sharing and by caring. With growing technology and advancements in APIs, the process becomes even more seamless day by day. So, there is every reason to state that 2018 emerges as the year of Live Video Streaming app development.

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