Is mobile search engine advertising proving successful? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. August 15, 2016

Yes, you’ve heard it before. Mobile advertising is a winner.
However, the latest infographic from Invesp takes a closer look at mobile’s share of search ad spending.
According to the marketing company, mobile devices now make up for 53% of paid search clicks. Meanwhile, mobile advertising spend is predicted to reach $28.25bn in 2019. That’s a 55% increase from the $18.54bn this year.
The goal of search engine advertising is simple: reach audiences at the right moment to deliver the right message. Mobile devices have made this even easier, offering a near 24/7 window of opportunity to connect. Location technology has further enhanced mobile campaign reach.
Smartphones (64%) are ahead of tablets (36%) when it comes to search spend.
The research also highlighted that Google is the top driver of US search ad spending at a whopping 95%. This year, the web giant is set to generate $11.45bn from mobile search revenue.
That’s partially because phone-based CPCs are 24% cheaper than those on desktops, but yield 40% higher CTRs.
Interestingly, 75% of Google mobile search ad revenue came from Apple devices.
The success of mobile search ads is further solidified when looking at clicks. 88% of mobile search ad clicks were organically driven by ads with Classified and Local (97%) ads the dominant industry followed by Business and Industrial (94%).
Take a look at the infographic below for more insights.
Infographic highlights solid performance of mobile search engine advertising