Is Apple developing its own search engine?

Anne Freier | August 28, 2020

App Business

Apple is rumoured to be launching a universal search engine as it seeks to expand its Siri and Spotlight Searches features further.

Right now, Google is a default on the iPhone, but Apple is reportedly trying to get rid of its arrangement with the search giant in favour of its own engine.

There are also claims that the company is already foregoing Google for Spotlight Search.

This seems to be tied to iOS 14. AppleInsider tests found that searches on iOS 13 still went through Google.

Apple is also pumping more money into search and has posted jobs for search engineers.

What’s more, the AppleBot web crawler works similarly to Google.

Whether Apple will go ahead with the launch of its own search engine remains to be seen, but it certainly would amplify the company’s opportunity to promote its own services.

In this way, developers could also promote apps featuring on the App Store more effectively.

At the same time, Google pays billions of dollars to Apple annually to feature on its devices. If Apple can afford to lose these funds is a different matter.

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