ironSource unveils new A/B testing toll for mobile app developers

App developers generally have two options to test their monetisation theories including day-to-day tests e.g. waterfall amends, and larger testing including interstitial frequency. The issue with such methods is that changes are generally released to all users in one go and are not controlled against a control group.

Mobile monetisation and marketing company, ironSource, wants to change all that and today launched an A/B testing tool for ad monetisation.

The feature lets app developers test multiple monetisation strategies through a simplified dashboard and make strategic decisions based on comparative data.

“Good ad monetization implementation is always a balance between revenue and user experience, so constant iteration, customizability and optimization are a key component to success,” explained Andrew Stone, President of Random Logic Games. “With ironSource’s A/B testing tool – all of that becomes infinitely easier to optimize and improve so that we’re able to quickly and easily make smart decisions that directly impact our business, and automate our operations for greater efficiency.”

The newest ironSource feature lets app developers run tests to improve their ARPU, ARPDAU and retention rates. Developers simply select a test and control group and allocate their desired traffic to them. They can then make further adjustments without ever exposing all their users to app updated.

Group performance stats are automatically tracked by ironSource to provide further insights.

“Our goal at ironSource is to become the growth platform for publishers and our recent product releases have all focused on improving the transparency and automation of a publisher’s operations,” said Nimrod Zuta, VP Product ironSource. “This tool will transform the way developers make decisions about their monetization strategy, allowing them to run a one-off test, or continuously test multiple aspects of their ads, without the risk and resources involved in uploading new versions to the store.”

ironSource added that the A/B testing feature makes it easier to transition into in-app bidding.

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