ironSource makes it easier for app developers to launch cross promotion campaigns

ironSource, the mobile monetisation company, has just launched a new cross promotion solution which should make it easier for app developers to launch their own cross promotion campaigns.

Those who already use the ironSource platform can now tap into a personal ad network dedicated to cross promotion.

Previously, developers faced challenges when trying to cross promote. Publishers who used ad networks could end up competing with themselves or paying over the odds for existing users with attribution being considerably more difficult.

At the same time, running cross promotion campaigns on low-quality backfill inventory doesn’t allow publishers to optimise for the potentially high LTV of existing users downloading other games.

“Mobile game publishers have long been requesting a solution for managing their cross promotional campaigns at the same degree of sophistication with which they run the rest of their UA activities,” explains Nimrod Zuta, VP Product Developer Solutions at ironSource.

“Optimizing cross promotion has been a sticking point for both sides of their business, and our solution is yet another step in bridging the monetization and user acquisition sides of an app business to create tools which tackle growth from a holistic perspective. Solving the growing challenge of optimizing cross promotional activities is continuing in our goal of becoming the growth platform for mobile games.”

The new solution allows developers to set up campaigns and access features such as CPI bidding, attribution and data science, dynamic bidding and suppression as well as ROAS optimisation tools.

Monetisation managers will be able to set up cross promotion campaigns within mediation waterfalls.

“Utilizing ironSource’s tool to cross promote Kick the Buddy and other titles throughout our game inventory has been a game changer,” said Dmitry Glebenok, CTO of Playgendary. “We’ve gone from a situation of competing with ourselves and paying commission for our own users to one where we can utilize the full benefits of an ad network for cross promo campaigns. ironSource’s tool has given us the ability to treat both our ads and our ad units in a cross promotion with a business mind, backed by numbers”.

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