ironSource launches tool to auto-bid on cost-per-install rates

Anne Freier | December 21, 2018

Mobile Advertising

Mobile monetisation company ironSource has officially launched a ROAS Optimizer tool that lets clients auto-bid on dynamic cost-per-install rates in order to reach their ROAS goals. The feature addresses one of the core issues facing user acquisition teams in today’s mobile marketing landscape.

There are three challenges with limited ROAS optimisation including bidding at scale, finding the right technology to optimise ROAS and the general lack of user-level ad revenue data.

ironSource’s latest User-Level Ad Revenue solution addresses at least one of these challenges, but now its ROAS Optimizer helps to actively address the other two.

“There’s no difference between advertising in-app and advertising in traditional channels. In both, there are different qualities of users stemming from a variety of different factors, and advertisers must know how to bid according to those users,” explains Tal Shoham COO Developer Solutions ironSource. “The first step involves correlating two different user behaviors – IAP and ad revenue. With that visibility, optimizing a campaign that may reach tens of thousands of different bids is impossible to do manually. ironSource created the ROAS Optimizer to solve this challenge. And its immediate success is already apparent in the ironSource network, with the most successful titles using our ROAS Optimizer tool.”

The algorithm works out the best bid and automatically updates bids each day. It can be used to address in-app purchases, user-level ad revenue and a combination of the two.

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