ironSource launches new Aura platform for customisable content on mobile devices

ironSource, which provides monetisation, engagement and analytical tools for app developers and mobile advertisers has just rolled out its new Aura platform.
The new tool offers content recommendations to help mobile carriers to create relevant content for their customers. The key phrase here is Out of the Box Experience – as soon as a customer unboxes a new device, Aura will guide them through a customisation process whereby users select apps and the exact content they want on their devices. Pre-loads become a thing of the past.
IronSource unveils Aura
Having been in development since 2014 and tested since Q2 2015, Aura has now secured deals with over 30 device manufacturers and tier-one carriers worldwide. Leading handset makers include HTC and Asus. ironSource says that Aura is expected to ship on over 100 million devices worldwide this year still.
In addition to user customisation, Aura also provides re-engagement notifications which let clients predict the apps their customers may need and then recommend relevant ones accordingly.
Arnon Harish, President and Co-Founder at ironSource, explains:
arnon harish

“Content is the key to building value and brand loyalty with customers today. ironSource Aura enables device manufacturers and mobile carriers to turn customers into active users with smart content recommendations that build customer lifetime value.”

Users can also discover apps by themselves via the Aura Discovery Hub that provides a wide selection of top apps worldwide.
Giancarlo Fasolo, EVP Sales and Marketing, ironSource, says:
giancarlo fasolo

“With over a million apps now available, the old practice of pre-loading apps on devices is truly outdated. Users today are looking for more customizable, relevant and dynamic content experiences that reflect their interests and evolving needs. The ironSource Aura platform gives them the flexibility they want with the content they will value to create a win-win situation where everyone benefits.”

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