iOS and video ads reign supreme at holding mobile games players attention

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AppsFlyer has released the Gaming Performance Index report, a study based on 50 million paid app installations between February and March this year. Amongst the findings, the report highlighted that iOS games hold players attention for considerably longer than Android, and video ads are the most effective at holding players interest.
Discussing player retention on Android and iOS, the study found that iOS was ahead of Android from day one, when it the retention rate was 8% higher. After a week, that figure increased to 32%, and after 30 days, it was up to an impressive 72%.
iOS holds mobile gamers attention better than Android
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In other data, AppsFlyer also shows iOS has a 26% higher retention rate when comparing video networks, a 28% higher figure for in-app networks, and 47% higher for social networks. However, when it comes to comparing affiliate and incentivised networks, Android wins out over iOS, where the former tracks at 87% and the latter at 74%.
AppsFlyer also charts player retention based on comparing video network performance on iOS. Video beats social, in-app, and most notably non-video content each time. Social is its closest competitor at +10%, while it’s shown to be 17% more effective than in-app ads. Finally, the data shows retention is a massive 130% than non-video ads.
Video ads are more effective at retaining gamers attention than other ads
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The report adds that in-app networks have three times the retention rate of affiliate networks, but social beats in-app networks with an 11% higher retention rate. Finally, AppsFlyer averages out the drop in retention rate across ad networks, showing a 57% reduction in the first seven days, and 80% between day 7 and day 30.
You can read the complete AppsFlyer Gaming Performance Index report here, and learn more about AppsFlyer by visiting its company profile here.

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