iOS 10 and tvOS 10: Shakeups and Breakups On the Way for Developers

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Posted: July 6, 2016

Mary Clark Rardin is the Marketing Manager for Appodeal, the leading intelligent ad mediation solution for mobile apps. Before joining the Appodeal team, she worked as a copywriter for tech companies across the United States. You can find Mary on Twitter (@MemphisCopy) and LinkedIn.
Apple’s recent WWDC was nothing short of impressive. In his keynote address, CEO Tim Cook, reminded listeners of the App Store’s incredible success, noting a presence of 2M apps in the Store and 130B app downloads. Cook kept the focus on the App Store’s advantages for developers, underlining the generation of nearly $50B in direct payouts to developers in 8 years.
Of the 4 platforms highlighted in the keynote address, it was the iPhone and Apple TV that generated the most buzz. Dubbed their “biggest release yet,” iOS 10 took center stage with big and bold changes. Updates to the Apple tvOS also made waves as SVP of Internet Software and Services, Eddy Cue, revealed 8 new features.  There’s no doubt that these updates promise to shake up (and maybe even break up) mobile app development in unexpected ways.
The announcement has everyone wondering what they can expect to see as iOS and tvOS 10 influence app development. While none of us are lucky enough to own a real crystal ball, we can certainly expect to see iOS and tvOS 10 leave their mark. Here’s what to keep an eye on.
tvOS 10 and iOS 10
Increased Competition to Replace Apple’s Core Apps
Users have long bemoaned the inability to remove core apps, and it appears Apple finally got the message. With iOS 10, users will be able to not only remove those apps like Stocks, Maps, and Weather but also use other apps to provide those core capabilities.
In other words, developers should be prepared to transition from fighting to get on the home screen to competing to take the place of core apps.
Changes in App Discovery with Paid Search Advertising
Of course, we can’t neglect to mention the big transformation underway in the App Store. With the introduction of App Store search advertising, the entire of nature of app discovery is sure to be altered.
The effect of paid search ads is yet to be seen. It may make it easier for developers to have their apps found—but only if they can master the ins and outs of App Store search advertising quickly.
Engagement and Personalization at the Heart of It All
Apple is certainly trying to appeal to the younger crowd with the increased focus on engagement and personalization in iOS 10. It’s all about keeping communication as innovative and customizable as possible as we see with the introduction of Invisible Ink, emoji enlargement and incorporation in predicative text as well as with rich links in messages.
While the idea of replacing text with colorful emojis is certainly creative, what does it mean for developers? Put simply, UX matters more than ever (especially when it comes to engagement). If you’ve been neglecting UX in favor of your app’s visual identity, it’s time to turn things around before iOS 10 drops and user expectations rise in response.  
The Future Has Arrived and It Will Be Televised
During WWDC ‘16 Tim Cook highlighted the rise of the TV app marketplace saying, “The future of TV is apps.” It’s quite a bold statement to make, but let’s face it; Apple is more than adept at predicting trends.
Today, there are an estimated 460M IP devices capable of supporting at least one paid TV app on the marketplace. For developers, the tvOS app market has the potential to revolutionize their revenue as the related ad eCPM is projected to exceed that of smartphones and tablet apps.
It all boils down to higher engagement on the part of viewers, the enhanced viewing quality of banners and videos, and the general expectation of ads being part of the TV watching experience.
To truly harness the potential of the tvOS app market, developers need an efficient way to embed ads in Apple TV apps, optimize ad campaigns and conduct cross-promotional campaigns for iOS and tvOS apps. With Appodeal’s new SDK release, developers can expect to attract an engaged, loyal audience to the platform while seamlessly monetizing tvOS apps in the process.

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