ION Loyalty gains traction with rewarded mobile checkout solution

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Sionic Mobile, the mobile marketing firm, just announced that its mobile, three-digit checkout process ION Loyalty is gaining traction with small business owners. The solution allows small retailers to offer fast, simple and safe mobile checkouts alongside instant customer rewards. It’s this loyalty feature that makes ION Loyalty stand out among competitors such as PayPal.
ION Loyalty offers rewards when using mobile checkout
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Ricky Hobbs, Owner and master stylist, Cut Atlanta, which uses ION Loyalty as part of its checkout process, says:

“Previously, we used Square and were paying higher credit card fees. It also took much longer to complete a client checkout. With ION Loyalty, we pay a flat 1% payment fee and reward our clients 1% in IONs at checkout. Even combining the payment fees and customer rewards, we are paying less with the ION program than we were with Square. It is saving us time and money. Our clients love the super-fast, three-digit code checkouts and they love getting IONs even more.”

Sionic Mobile represents over 100,000 retail and restaurants locations as part of its merchant marketplace across the US. ION Rewards let users earn IONs on top of credit card points which can be spent like cash at a checkout. There are no restrictions to merchants on ION’s marketplace.
Keith Morrison, GM,  Zocalo Mexican Restaurant and Cantina, adds:

“ION Loyalty has advanced security measures and fraud prevention tools in place that protect both the restaurant and our customers from fraudulent activity. The mobile-to-mobile payments are faster and more secure than swiping plastic cards and also provide an alternative to expensive EMV hardware upgrades.”

Alongside low-cost payments and customer rewards, small business owners can also utilise unlimited mobile advertising and a self-branded eGift card programme as an ION Loyalty merchant.
Sionic Mobile’s CEO and Founder, Ronald Herman, adds that there have been complaints about the slow mobile payment processes at checkout. ION Loyalty speeds up this action and lets businesses engage with consumers through mobile. He says:
ronald herman

“[Business] owners had to either implement an expensive mobile payments platform typically requiring an overhaul of their POS system, or they could adopt a third-party mobile loyalty program requiring customers to download multiple apps or carry yet another rewards card. We’ve eliminated the obstacles and given small business owners a simple yet sophisticated option that requires no upfront investment, is faster, more secure, and perhaps most importantly, rewards customers in a manner that truly builds loyalty and encourages repeat business.”

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