InView is the latest, smart native video ad format from Vdopia

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Mobile video advertising platform Vdopia has launched InView, a new native video ad format which assists advertisers to put branded, non-intrusive video ads into online content, which play only when onscreen. Created using Vdopia’s .VDO platform, advertisers can purchase InView ads using both CPM and CPCV models.
InView video ads are smart enough to play and pause depending on how much of the ad is onscreen
Vdopia says its InView ads are “smart,” and will only start playing when they are completely viewable on-screen, then will pause playback when 50% of the video is obscured after a user scrolls past. The clever part is, it’ll restart when the video when 50% of the video returns to view.
Saurabh Bhatia, CEO and cofounder of Vdopia, said:

By 2018, mobile will be nearly 50% of total digital video ad spend. This significant shift towards mobile has led brands seeking scale, viewability and transparency for their ads whereas publishers demand non-intrusive ad experience and best monetization. Through InView we bring a perfect blend that addresses all these requirements and more.”

Fellow cofounder and CTO Srikanth Kakani added:

“With InView, we’re able to integrate ad placements as part of the overall mobile experience. This new ad format offers auto-play video on mobile web pages, in-line with content, on any smartphone or tablet – without disrupting the user’s web-browsing experience.”

If you want to learn more about Vdopia’s new InView video ads, it’s suggested you contact the company here.

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