Introducing the Billy Mobile Publisher’s RESTful API

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Partner Post - Billy Mobile The Leading Affiliate Platform

Posted: December 18, 2017

Media buyers and networks that are working on the publisher’s side, want to have more and more control over what offer is being shown with their traffic, in order to maximise their revenue and optimize their profit. The mobile content sector, as a whole, is increasingly gearing in the direction of full transparency of the data, as well as the usage of self-managed services.
It has been some time since any publisher has been able to work in Billy’s Marketplace running mobile content offers and tracking all the parameters he needs, thanks to the setup of the global postback. In that way, any user of the marketplace has total transparency and control over the data.
Besides that, Billy Mobile has worked on improving the self-serviceness of the platform, by creating the Billy Publisher’s RESTful API.
Billy Publisher’s RESTful API provides several functionalities that allow both media buyers and networks to operate within our marketplace programmatically. Users can generate their API key on the Publisher’s Panel from their account, to successfully perform any operation in the marketplace website. The API can be used to retrieve information about the offers such as targeting, category, restrictions and its daily and weekly performance stats. It can also suggest new offers based on your traffic.
Publishers can use the API to create new campaigns for any of the offers and get statistics of these campaigns in real-time. Additionally, users can explore Bx Links targets and create their own Bx Links campaigns.
All the publishers have to do is to click on the API integration button on the left side bar, where an API key will be generated. A setup guide is also available for you, if you need any additional guidance or assistance.
It’s never too late to sign up to the Marketplace and test out the API! Start making some extra revenue now with total control and transparency of your statistics.