Introducing InboxMobi: 100% Deliverability Guaranteed

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Partner Post - InboxMobi - 100% Deliverability Guaranteed

Posted: October 7, 2015

What is InboxMobi?
InboxMobi is your direct connection to a highly captive audience. Achieve 100% message deliverability and maximize monetization when your users install an InboxMobi profile inside the iPhone’s native Mail app. The InboxMobi profile immediately appears in line with the other inboxes and automatically delivers new messages to the top of the All Inboxes folder — gaining you maximum exposure every time your audience opens any of their mail.
What are the key benefits of InboxMobi?
Improve engagement with your audience when you turn one-time website visitors into lifetime mobile email subscribers with InboxMobi. The direct-to-user content delivery captures the attention of your audience on their most engaging devices and drives action to your site or app immediately — increasing user value 10X.

  • Monetizes in both Apps and Mobile Web
  • Quick and easy implementation –No SDK required
  • Send content and offers with 100% deliverability
  • Deliver and explore web pages without ever leaving the inbox
  • Brand new monetization that won’t impact existing strategies
  • Monetize users outside of your app or website
  • And much more!

What types of clients most benefit from InboxMobi?
Website owners and content developers can easily convert mobile site visitors into lifelong subscribers that they can reengage with a simple email. In fact, InboxMobi can boost the value of your site’s iOS users by 10X with mobile email monetization.
Mobile app developers also enjoy InboxMobi as a “monetization miracle.” Our tool allows them to reengage and grow the lifetime value of their users by 10X — even when users are outside of the app!
What role does data play in your platform?
InboxMobi is backed by a database of more than 1.5 billion consumer records — giving us the power to reach and grow your audience from any corner of the Internet. Combined with our rich email monetization know-how and innovations in mobile products, InboxMobi can boost user acquisition, drive revenue and improve engagement without impacting any of your existing monetization strategies.
What are your main tips for successful mobile monetization?
Stay away from tools that cannibalize other streams of revenue. With InboxMobi, we looked to create a platform that could stand alone and grow your bottom line without slowing down your other efforts. InboxMobi is a complete complement to your audience acquisition, monetization and reengagement.
What do you think are the most important trends in mobile monetization right now?
Innovation and user experience. Users are increasingly savvier and finding effective ways to reach them is getting harder. We went to the next level while forming a solution. InboxMobi is the first native monetization tool for iOS — allowing you to make money from an experience that your users already engage with on a daily basis. With that, we locked in 100% deliverability guaranteeing that you can reach the users you want, when you want on the devices they use most.
If someone wants to know more about InboxMobi, where do they go?
Anyone that is interested can contact our experts for more information.

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