Interview: ClicksMob General Manager Daniel Neumann

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Having recently been named one of America’s most promising companies 2015 by Forbes, mobile affiliate ad network ClicksMob‘s General Manager Daniel Neumann talks to us about the company’s future plans and strategies.
MobyAffiliates (MA): What does your new role as GM EMEA and APAC involve?
Daniel Neumann, GM, ClicksMob (DN):

I am responsible for the company’s Business Development and Strategy, Operational and cross functional teams. My goal is to lead the company in these regions, grow our business and form strategic partnerships. Our most valuable asset is our team, so it’s my job to maintain the unique company culture and continue to recruit the best and the brightest.

MA: What countries are you specifically focused on in the two regions?

ClicksMob has clients around the globe – we span more than 220 countries. We see huge opportunities in Asia, specifically in Korea, Japan and China as well as India. Korea for example is a very interesting market; their mobile ad spend already represents more than 50% of digital ad spend and consumers are very mobile savvy. India is also booming with ecommerce, messaging, and travel app opportunities, and continues to receive large amounts of funding and investment. This makes the Indian app market extremely lucrative. We travel a lot to major industry events as well as to strategic meetings with our partners around the world, which always helps us identify market trends and pin point strategic trends in each market.

MA: What made you decide to join ClicksMob last year?

It’s definitely the people that made it a clear choice. From the moment I met the team I felt at home. ClicksMob has a winning and unique combination of great people combined with proprietary technology.

MA: How do you think ClicksMob compares to other companies in the mobile ad market?

I think ClicksMob’s proprietary technology allows us to be ultra-independent. We can be innovative and constantly come out with new product releases, and also provide superior support to our partners. At the same time, we put a big emphasis on service and account managers who work with our partners day-and-night. ClicksMob succeeds when our partners succeed, and this is really one of our company’s guiding principles. The fact that we are hyper focused on performance for mobile has positioned us well as experts in our field.

ClicksMob provides app advertisers and publishers with a marketplace to buy and deliver ads
MA: Where do you see the big opportunities in the app industry right now?

There is still room for growth. There are approximately 3 million apps available on the major stores and people love apps. More than 50% of the time spend in digital is spent on apps and as such many of our daily activities are done through them – shopping, banking, travel, news and many more. App developers are looking for ways to acquire users for their apps and not just users who will download the app and not use, but rather engaged users who will perform actions in the app. If previously, developers were only looking for installs – acquiring the maximum amount of users in the shortest time possible now they also looking at quality. With many app developers looking for quality users this is exactly where we come in and are able to provide a good solution.

MA: What are the big trends in mobile advertising for 2015 from your point of view?

Stronger shift to performance. If we saw a shift from CPM / CPC to CPI we have been seeing a shift to even more advanced model – CPI / CPA / CPE. App developers are focusing more and more on acquiring users which are generating revenue for them and looking to maximize their ROI on their ad spend. Success indicators are now retention, engagement, and in app purchases rather than just scale. Post-install events have become a major focus of mobile ad campaigns. Location based advertising is on the rise with many utility apps – travel, banking, transportation apps and their developer reaching new users through targeted advertising. Cross platform concept is also growing where advertisers and brands are advertising their mobile products across digital and traditional media. (example: advertised on a subway station in NY, magazines, etc). Lastly, in terms of market size – mobile ad spending is expected to surpass desktop ad spending by next year, which is a true indicator that the sky is the limit for mobile ad spend.

MA: What is the one thing you would change about the mobile ad industry if you could?

I see speed as an area for improvement. Although the market is constantly developing, I still see a small gap in browsing speed on mobile compared to web. As infrastructure and technology continue to improve – everything will become even more immediate and instantaneous.

MA: What do you think of the Apple Watch and are you going to buy one?

Wearable devices are gaining traction – IDC’s analysts are expecting worldwide wearable device shipments to grow from 19.6 million units in 2014 to 45.7 million this year. The Apple Watch is an example of this trend. Honestly, I am a big Apple fan but am a bit hesitant to buy one as I am worried it may take too much of my free, family time. I am constantly connected to news, work, messaging and consuming digital goods via my phone, tablet and PC. Adding a watch to that might be too much!

MA: What are your favorite apps and games, and what mobile devices do you use?

I am a bit of a tech geek. I enjoy spending my time on apps such as Mashable, Tech Crunch and other business apps. In addition, I use Waze navigation for every place I drive and, of course, Facebook and Whatsapp. iPhone. I am an Apple fan and can’t wait for the next model – 7. Rumors says it will be out in September. Let’s see!

We’d like to thank Daniel Neumann from ClicksMob for taking the time to speak to us. 

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