Internet of Things (IoT) App Development – Opportunities and Challenges

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Posted: November 16, 2016

Internet of Things, commonly known as IoT is a system of interconnected digital and mechanical devices, objects or people that are given several unique identifiers. It had the ability to share data over a network without needing the help of human-to-computer or human-to-human interaction.

The Smart World of IoT

It is an internet development which has been proposed to provide everyday objects internet connectivity. These objects are embedded with sensors, electronics, software, actuators and network connectivity that give them the ability to exchange data. The objects are allowed to be sensed and controlled mainly on the networking infrastructure that already exists. IoT hence creates opportunities for more direct alliance of the real world into the electronic and computer based systems that result in economic benefit, starkness and better efficiency. IoT’s augmented sensors and actuators encompass technologies such as smart homes, smart grids, smart transportation and smart cities which are identifiable through their embedded computer systems.

According to Naveen Khanna- CEO of Octal Info Solution “The market of Internet of things is full of opportunities and extending from smart connected homes to wearable & healthcare. We foresee a great potential in IOT implementation in areas of locomotive/ Transport business intelligence and business automation too.”

IoT continues to Amaze

The world of IoT offers a plethora of opportunities. For a quite a few years now, it has excited the masses establishing various businesses through the investments on various innovations such as smart fitness devices, smart thermostats and the like. In time, IoT is said to be aiming for greater gains according to analysts because of the developments of new products. As for instance, in this era of smartphones, the Internet of Things serves as a major source of income for the smartphone market. The IoTapplications simplify our lives and enhances comfort.

Hence here is a list of opportunities IoT provides in the App development:-

  • Smart home:A home where the devices are enabled to communicate with each other making its owner capable of customizing home environment, managing security and energy is known as a smart home. Various IoT technologies are responsible for monitoring smart homes. Devices like smart thermostats, smart home lighting etc are such examples of smart home devices monitored by IoT.
  • Applications in Wearables:Wearables are the most famous trends in IoT. IoT technologies have an array of wearable devices. They are highly efficient, runs on low power and are small sized as per the convenience of the customer. Devices such as Smart watches, fitbits are examples of IoT tech wearables.
  • Smart Cities:IoT for smart cities not only provide smarter surveillance but also energy management devices hence providing a solution to environmental pollution, population expansion energy shortage and the like.
  • Health care applications:In the sphere of health care, the advent of IoT is of major importance. With various smart devices monitored by IoT such as medication dispensing services, it is easier to carry out work faster in the field of medical care.
  • Transportation:IoT plays a very significant role in the automotive industry. The infamous self-driving cars are one of the major transportation devices monitored by IoT tech.
  • Applications in Retail: Retail sector applications bank mostly on IoT technology. As for instance, Retail applications enable home appliances to notify you about shortage of supplies and can even order for more on their own.

Even though IoT applications aim to simplify our lives they have certain shortcomings and challenges. Here is a list of such challenges:-

  • IoT is complex:The internet of things is considered to be pretty complex. However, as a system primarily related to making life easier, it should be user-friendly and not just easy for the developers and the experts.
  • Connectivity is crucial:Various wired and wireless forms of connectivity is required to enable proper functioning of applications monitored by IoT.
  • Highly power consuming: Without power, there is no IoT. For the proper functioning of IoT tech and connectivity, power consumption is vital.

The world of IoT has true potential for development as it makes life easier through the various innovations which are developing and will develop in the future and their functioning is impossible without IoT tech’s monitoring. Team of Octal Info Solution continuously working on concept of IOT and has developed this technology in mobile apps for client. You can get in touch with Octal Info Solution team for more information about IOT app development trends.


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