Interactive mobile ads result in stronger engagement

New research from YuMe, the audience tech company, reveals that interactive ad features have a significant influence on consumer attention, recall and brand messaging. Based on data by research firm, Ipsos, the findings are based on Implicit Reaction Time (IRT), which measures how fast and closely a respondent’s brain connects with associations linked to images, feelings as well as intentions. If a user responds fast, it indicates a strong and empathetic connection to a brand. Interactive ads increase certainty and facilitate shorter reaction times, which results in higher conviction and less inhibition.
The mobile ad experience was particularly strong in terms of resonance, which adds to them being perceived as positive.
Mobile ads spark stronger context associations
Respondents who viewed interactive versus non-interactive content learned more about a product if the ad was highly interactive, resulting in a 10% lift.
Engagement lift
Screen shot 2016-03-11 at 7.57.30 AM
Ad engagement was particularly high for interactive ads on mobile devices. For example, tech mobile ads results in 12% higher engagement whilst entertainment ads resulted in a jump of 25% in exposure. Whilst 58% did recall a credit card ad, purchase intent remained low.
Ad engagement and recall
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Paul Neto, Research Director, YuMe, explains:

“As an audience technology company, our goal is to deliver not only big data but smart data, helping our partners really understand audience expectations and demands. This study is immensely helpful, and confirms our conviction that advertisers, publishers, and consumers alike benefit when ads are interactive and engaging.”

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