Integral Ad Science launches new mobile in-app solution to protect programmatic advertisers

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. March 19, 2018

Ad company, Integral Ad Science (IAS), launched a mobile in-app solution that can help protect brands across programmatic platforms such as The Trade Desk, DoubleClick Bid Manager, Oath, Viant’s Adelphic, AppNexus, and MediaMath.
By boosting integrations with these programmatic platforms, the company aims to add a level of transparency. As such, it can target in-app inventory to be brand-safe, fraud-free and viewable.

“Programmatic offers advertisers powerful opportunities to make the most of their digital dollars and, for many years, buyers have been able to easily optimise those opportunities across web-based campaigns with IAS data,” explained David Hahn, CSO of Integral Ad Science. “Now, by offering mobile in-app segments to our customers, we’ve extended that flexibility and control to drive more of their automated buys, and keep up with the momentum in the marketplace towards in-app advertising.”

According to eMarketer, 8 in 10 US mobile digital display ads are now traded programmatically. This will rise to 85.2% by 2019. However, programmatic trading doesn’t necessarily offer the safety levels brands and advertisers are asking for. Viewability, brand safety and anti-fraud measures are key areas that require addressing.
The new IAS mobile in-app bid features may offer a solution. Using it, traders can ensure they remain safe against defined content categories, set risk thresholds and only target the apps that meet the brand safety expectations.
By addition of ad fraud prevention and viewability targeting, traders can ensure bids remain relevant and are protected against fraud. IAS also offers real-time reporting to ensure the effectiveness of the ads and highlight areas that may require optimisation.
David Danziger, Vice President of Enterprise Partnerships at The Trade Desk, explained:

“Deepening our partnership with IAS for new pre-bid segments gives advertisers on our platform the data needed to ensure they are bidding on high quality mobile in-app opportunities. In-app mobile environments are becoming an increasingly effective place to reach consumers, and we’re excited to work together to elevate the mobile in-app buying experience for our customers.”