Launches Tracking Auto-Verification System

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Posted: May 24, 2016

One of the most common issues that publishers, advertisers and end-users are faced with, is a tracking URL malfunction. Publishers are most affected by this problem as it prevents them from registering all relevant clicks which in turn translates into loss of revenue. Moreover, as far as the end-user is concerned, there is hardly anything more annoying than being redirected to wrong content or a blank page. That is why publishers ought to be aware of this issue as it may prompt their users to uninstall their app or blacklist their website.
Instal Tracking Auto-Verification System
On the other hand, advertisers are able to verify all the tracking URLs for each country, campaign or OS but it is an expensive and complicated process.

With the latest update, is able to perform all necessary checks in order to detect any issues and optimize campaign performance for its partners.

By using a complex system that includes VPN, virtual machines, IP verification and other advanced technologies, carries out a “virtual test” that simulates an installation of the app featured in a given campaign, taking into account its requirements such es country, OS version, device type, etc.

The tracking system reports every 30 minutes on whether a campaign works correctly, which allows advertisers to react immediately if any issues emerge.

Saverio Mucci Instal’s CTO says:

One of our main goals is to automate and simplify activities for our partners. Thanks to this new feature a publisher only needs to integrate our APIs and then our platform will automatically perform all relevant activities in order to optimize revenues and performance. Not even a click will be wasted.

If you wish to know more about team and their services visit their website.

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