Instagram will open up to advertisers everywhere before the end of 2015

In an interview with eMarketer, photo sharing site Instagram has revealed advertisers will gain full access to the site before the end of the year. The news comes from Instagram’s director of market operations, Jim Squires, who confirmed the plan is for a global launch in the early fall, but wasn’t any more precise on the timeframe.
Squires said that Instagram has been focused on large brands over the past year-and-a-half, but now feels the time is right to open up to businesses of all sizes. It has no intention of changing the video, carousel, and photo ad formats that are already provided, and will continue to provide a call to action for users to act on an ad.
Instagram will open up its platform to all advertisers later in 2015
instagram ads
Instagram is owned by Facebook, and it will introduce new targeting features that, “Mirror what’s also available on the Facebook side,” according to Squires, in addition to the gender, age, and geographic data that’s provided now. It’s stressed that Instagram is very different from Facebook, particularly in terms of community, creativity, and the strong visual aspects of the site.
To ensure that ads not only meet the standards of the site, but also appeal best to users, Instagram will provide guidelines and policies. However, it also intends to watch for negative feedback, ad engagement rates, and other comments, so it can provide advice on producing creative content that works.
In the run up to the global launch, Instagram will test its ad formats containing a call to action, and its API used for buying ads, with a select group of partner companies.

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