Instagram to allow users to choose which third-party app they share data with

Anne Freier

In App Business. October 18, 2019

Instagram this week announced that it will launch a feature that lets users take charge of the apps they choose to share their third-party data with.

There are countless apps that offer fun integrations for Instagram so it can be easy to lose track over who may have access to your data.

But privacy is now a major concern among app users. According to a survey by Malwarebytes Labs, 96% of social media users feel that online privacy is crucial. 95% of respondents said they distrusted social media.

Instagrammers are able to actively authorise the apps they want to grant access to their user profile and information.

You can easily modify your privacy settings by going to Settings > Security > Apps and Websites. From here, you can check which third-party services can access your data.

However, the popular photo said that the roll-out of the feature would take a whopping six months.