Instagram tests fundraising feature in-app

Anne Freier | July 22, 2020

App Business

Instagram is currently testing an option that lets users fundraise for a cause from within the app.

It’s a similar addition to parent Facebook’s fundraising tool.

Charities and non-profits will now be able to not only raise awareness but also funds by adding donation stickers to Stickers and buttons to their profile posts.

Users can also make donations through Instagram Live video streams.

But the tool isn’t restricted to organisation. Anyone can raise funds.

To use Personal Fundraiser, users simply go to ‘Edit Profile’ and select ‘Add Fundraiser’. They then click on ‘Raise Money’ and add a photo alongside their chosen category.

Details about the fundraiser can be freely modified.

However, Instagram does review fundraisers to make sure that they really are for an ‘eligible cause’. The guidelines the app uses for this aren’t exactly clear.

A fundraiser typically lasts 30 days but can be extended for another 30 days if needed.

For now, Personal Fundraiser is still being tested among a smaller number of users in the US, UK and Ireland but Instagram will be launching the tool across other markets soon.

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