Instagram now lets users hide photos instead of deleting them

Instagram has just made it easier for users to get rid of images they previously posted, but no longer wish others to see without deleting them.
Called “Archive”, the feature enables app users to hide posts, but stores them in case a user changes his or her mind later on.
TechCrunch first reported the new feature when Director of Social Media for The Next Web, Matt Navarra, noticed the addition. Instagram later confirmed that the addition generates a safe space for user-only viewing of photos and plans to expand the tool in the future.
It may not be available to everyone just yet, but above is a snapshot of what it should look like when tapping the “…” button to the top right of a photo.
Permanent deletion of images may be a step too drastic for many Instagram users. Though the option provides no seemingly obvious benefit to the company’s advertising venture, it’s clear that the potential loss of images is a loss of monetisable content.
Indeed, the archive will enable users to turn back the clock and revive older images. It could also be used to temporarily hide images that were posted prematurely.

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