Instagram now allows users to share their live video broadcasts with other users

Instagram has revealed a new feature that lets users broadcast live with their friends. The company hopes that the addition will boost usage of its live video streaming tools for users who may be too shy to use it on their own.
Getting going is simple. A user can invite anyone who’s currently streaming their live broadcast to join in. At the moment, the feature is still restricted to just two users shown on a split screen.
In addition, owners have all the power and can remove and add new broadcast partners at any time.
The company conducted a test of the feature back in August among a small group of users.
As live video is gaining traction, Instagram seems to be working hard to keep up.
The tool also has great potential for taste makers and famous people who may invite fans to share a stream – similar to a live caller on a TV show. This adds a whole new dimension of engagement to live videos. In return, it may lead to more viewers and greater engagement for live videos – something Instagram is obviously trying to achieve.
Once a live video has run, it can either be saved to the Stories bar or deleted. If a video is saved, it can also be shared to Facebook Stories later.
With video viewing on Instagram up 80% in 2017 compared to 2016, it seems the company may be onto something.
The update is now live for iOS and Android apps.

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