Instagram launches TikTok competitor Reels in India following Chinese app ban

Anne Freier | July 8, 2020

App Business

As TikTok has suffered a major blow in India, following the government’s ban of the app and other major apps by Chinese developers, Instagram and parent Facebook were quick to pick up the pieces.

Instagram has launched Reels in the country – a competitor of TikTok.

Reels allows users to record 15 second videos and add music from a huge library or record their own background tunes.

Recordings made on Reels can be shared via instagram Stories or in a post.

Instagram will also be adding top Reels to its Instagram Explore section.

Much like TikTok, the feature provides various editing tools to customise videos further.

The feature which is part of the Instagram app was successfully tested in Brazil and later launched in Germany and France.

The move to expand Reels into India follows a recent announcement by Facebook to launch its own TikTok competitor called Lasso.

Compared to Reels however, Lasso is a standalone app that can be downloaded from app stores.

Facebook has several agreements with music publishers and labels in India paving the way for a successful launch in the country for both Reels and Lasso.

Undoubtedly, the ban of TikTok will make all the difference and provides a huge chance for Instagram to snap up dismayed users.

TikTok had over 200 million users in the country, representing a third of its global downloads.

It’s not clear when Reels will come to the UK or the US.

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