Instagram launches Threads messaging app

Anne Freier | October 10, 2019

App Business

Instagram has finally launched its new standalone app for private conversations with friends. Called Threads, the app lets users share photos, videos and messages but also Stories with close friends.

Instagram launched Close Friends back in 2018. The feature allows users to handpick followers and friends they wish to share private stories and messages with.

Users can easily remove and modify Close Friends list.

Now, Instagrammers can use Threads to message people on their Instagram Close Friends list and receive replies in a dedicated inbox.

Threads also allows users to set up friend lists directly from within the app.

Once Threads is launched, a camera pops up and users can then set up shortcuts to share videos and photos with friends.

Instagram is also adding a feature that lets users set a suggested status (Auto Status) or create a unique status. For example, a user may let their friends know that they are currently at the gym.

“Threads offers a new, dedicated home for your favorite conversations. Messages from your close friends list will appear in both Threads and Direct, so you have full control over how and with whom you want to interact,” write Robby Stein, director of product at Instagram.

The app is officially available as of this week.

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