Instagram launches content tools for IGTV video creators

Anne Freier

In App Business. October 25, 2019

IGTV, the video platform launched by Instagram back in 2018 to feature long-form content, wants to make it easier for creators to organise their videos.

Hoping to attract a growing base of video creators, Instagram has launched new content tools for video makers.

The tool lets makers categorise their content on a separate series page. Creators can also label their videos with a series title.

The system addition makes it easier for dedicated fans to find and subscribe to notifications about their favourite shows.

IGTV also announced continued viewing – when one episode ends, the next episode begins to play automatically. Adding a video to a series is simple. Once uploaded, just hit the “Add to Series” button. Where creators do not yet have a series, they can simply choose a title and description and “edit” a series when they need to.

The series content tool has already been trialled by creators such as Yara Shahidi, Kade Speiser, Igrid Neilsen and Jameela Jamil.

IGTV was initially seen as a bit of a flop, but Instagram stuck with it and in early 2019 views on the platform skyrocketed by 300% to 1000%.

It’s been speculated that Instagram initially failed to integrate IGTV, causing a disconnect with its photo app users. It has since added an option to show one-minute previous of IGTV videos on Instagram.

The company has not revealed how many people are using IGTV.