Instagram is working on a standalone shopping app

Andy Boxall | September 6, 2018

App Business

A standalone shopping app, potentially called IG Shopping, is apparently being worked on by Instagram. The app will be dedicated to brands promoting and selling goods, and users will be able to view and purchase them directly through the app.

Should it launch, it would be another major standalone app release from Instagram recently, with the most notable being IGTV, a YouTube competitor designed for vertical video use. It’s also not the first push into ecommerce for Instagram.

Currently, products can be tagged in Instagram posts, ready to lead interested viewers to a site to purchase the item. Instagram is also testing the same feature inside Instagram Stories. To encourage brands to use an IG Shopping app, Instagram may introduce tools to challenge other ecommerce platforms, including Shopify.

The app is said to be in development, but no release date has been leaked, and there is no official confirmation when or if it will ever launch.

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