Instagram influencer marketing was up 48% bolstered by micro-influencers

Anne Freier | December 13, 2019


Instagram influencer marketing activities were up 48% in 2019, according to a new report from Klear, the influencer marketing software provider.

The company assessed #ad feed posts and found that over 3 million of them had been posted in 2019 compared to 2.1 million in 2018.

That’s an accelerated growth of 9% showing that more marketers are incorporating Instagram into their marketing mix.

Women dominate the platform when it comes to influencer marketing. Around 84% of sponsored posts had been created by female influencers, compared to 16% of male counterparts.

The average influencer age was 25 to 34 years (54%) followed by those aged 18 to 24 years (31%).

A large majority of branded partnerships were with micro-influencers. In fact, 89% of sponsored posts came from users with fewer than 1,000 users.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the US was the most active country in terms of influencer content (42%), followed by South Korea (11%) and the UK (11%).

But emerging markets are quickly taking a liking to the photo app with South Korea seeing its influencer marketing activity rise by 620% in 2019. Similarly, UAE saw an uplift of a whopping 430%.

The sponsored posts that still make up the majority of posts are (in order from top to bottom): fashion, travel, fitness, beauty, art, parenting, food, music, interior design and wellness. A quarter of all sponsored stories mentioned a beauty brand.

Back in 2018, influencers would post 3 stories per day, but this has increased to 3.6 stories in 2019.

One of the emerging trends in 2019 was value-based influencer marketing whereby influencers are selected based on their authenticity and desire to promote a brand’s mission.

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