Instagram hits growth spurt among US users in 2018

13.1% more people in the US will be using Instagram this year, according to new data released by eMarketer. The analytics firm predicts that 104.7 million people in the US or 31.8% of the population are Instagram users in 2018.

The increase is largely driven the success of the app’s Stories features. Facebook’s integration with Instagram may also have something to do with the growing usage as users migrate between the two platforms.

Corey McNair, a forecasting analyst at eMarketer, added that 2018 also marked the first year that more than half of social media users in the country would use Instagram once per month.

Millennials now make up the majority of Instagrammers. Indeed, half of the platform’s US user base falls within this generational age range.

Furthermore, 56% of its users are female compared to 48.5% of male users.

“Instagram is succeeding in attracting new users of all ages,” added Chris Bendtsen, an eMarketer senior forecasting analyst. “While Facebook has had trouble with teens and Snapchat with older generations, Instagram’s popularity is more balanced across all age groups.”

When comparing all three platforms, Intagram was the only one where the balance between under and over 35-year-olds was almost equal. Bendtsen added that he expects Instagram Stories to “be especially successful in capturing new sign-ups.”

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