Instagram could be facing growing pains like parent Facebook in the near future

Anne Freier | January 18, 2019

Mobile Advertising

Instagram is expected to grow from 713.9 million monthly users in 2018 to 989.1 million by 2022, according to new estimates provided by eMarketer. However, with that level of growth, the popular imaging app may eventually face reputation problems if parent Facebook is anything to go by.

Until now, Instagram has avoided the problems Facebook has dealt with in terms of its reputation, but given that the two companies are tightly connected eMarketer predicts that it will suffer consequences in the future.

For example, Facebook has been able to increase its ad revenues to $9 billion in 2018 although the company repeatedly forecast a slow-down in its ad business. The growth has been partly attributed to Instagram, which neatly integrates with Facebook’s ad manager tools.

As early as 2019, Instagram could experience growth pains including dissatisfied users due to increased advertising.

Although Facebook continues to be at the centre of the security, fraud and spam debate, Instagram could be dealing with similar issues in the near future.