Instagram carousel posts outperform image and videos for engagement

Anne Freier | July 28, 2020

App Business

Instagram carousel ads that mix videos and images have higher engagement rates than videos or images alone.

That’s according to an analysis of more than 22 million posts and 3 million carousels by Social Insider and Bannersnack. 

Since they were first launched, Instagram carousel posts have grown from 4% to 19.4%.

According to Jenn Herman, Instagram Expert & Social Media Strategist, says:

“If you use a carousel post, and a follower scrolls past the post with the first image, Instagram will show them the same post a second time (only a second time, not more than that) with typically the second photo or video from the carousel. This gives you double the exposure opportunities to your followers and a second chance to connect with them if they didn’t react to your first post image or video.

While this all sounds great, I caution against overusing carousels. You don’t want every post to be a carousel because it can overwhelm your audience and require too much content creation.”

They offer much higher engagement rates (1.92%) compared to other posts, with 33% of them having two slides and 20% having three slides.

Carousels with ten slides actually performed even better for engagement (2%).

When posts included call-to-action and asked users to swipe left, they were performing even better than standard carousels (2%).

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