Instagram makes it easier for businesses and creators to sell on app

Anne Freier | June 26, 2020

App Business

Thanks to changes made to its guidelines, more businesses and creators will now be allowed to sell their goods and services via Instagram.

The app has officially updated its commerce eligibility requirements which will give businesses access to Instagram Shopping.

It is also testing direct purchasing in-app with US businesses that signed up to its checkout beta.

In countries where Instagram Shopping is already supported, the updates will take effect on July 9th.

Sellers and shoppers can enjoy increased transparency because of the changes.

Specifically, retailers must now tag products they sell on Instagram to link back to a single website only.

Companies must sign up to Instagram Shopping and be verified. If a seller is rejected, Instagram says it will provide a clear reason for disapproval.

Existing businesses will be sent notifications soon on how to update in line with the updated guidelines.

The move to focus on smaller brands and creators follows similar steps taken by parent Facebook. It could be a positive way to foster increased transactions and engagement across both platforms.

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