Instagram adds video chat and fact-checking

Anne Freier | March 27, 2020

App Business

Instagram has added a series of features that should make it easier for its users to stay in touch during the coronavirus global lockdowns.

The Facebook subsidiary added a video chat which can be used simultaneously whilst browsing posts on the app.

Users can launch the video chat by clicking on the chat icon in the Direct inbox or an existing thread.

But its not the only feature the app launched to keep users connected and informed. Instagram also added more educational tools for users to check information published by the World Health Organization on the coronavirus.

Similarly, it added stickers to help people share accurate covid-19 information from fake news.

“Over the past few weeks we’ve added a notice at the top of feed for countries affected by COVID-19. The notice includes reliable resources from expert health organizations. In addition, we’ve been highlighting resources from these organizations when people view related hashtags,” it said in a blog post.

Misinformation has been a massive issue for parent Facebook in the past. That’s why Instagram has doubled down on detecting fraudulent information and also now includes downlinking of posts containing false information according to third-party fact checkers.

Lastly, it unveiled a stay home sticker which lets users check out other accounts and how they’re going about social distancing and isolation at home.

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