More insight, and higher performance apps promised with new Apteligent and Twin Prime partnership

Andy Boxall | August 10, 2016

App Development


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Apteligent, a mobile app metrics company, has partnered with app acceleration firm Twin Prime. The intention is to offer developers extensive, real-time insights into app performance, with strong content acceleration technology, for higher performing apps.

Robert Kwok, Apteligent’s co-founder and CTO, said:


“Whether it’s an app crash, a network issue, or a third party SDK malfunction, you need to be able to pinpoint both the issue and its root cause as quickly as possible. In particular, network latency is often a major cause of app slowness and source of user frustration. Twin Prime’s capabilities to analyze network performance and establish alternate content delivery strategies can vastly improve app performance. A faster network, combined with our real-time app insights, gives mobile teams a significant advantage for developing category-leading apps.”

Apteligent has partnered with Twin Prime

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Kartik Chandrayana, CEO at Twin Prime, added:


“Our field results and testimonials prove that when apps load faster, all product and business KPIs such as engagement, conversion and retention increase. Combining forces with Apteligent to enable brands to build fast and consistent apps with a near zero crash rate, and the availability to diagnose and fix bottlenecks in apps, is a win-win and provides a complete solution for mobile app owners.”

To find out more, visit Apteligent’s website here, and Twin Prime’s website here.

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