Innovative price comparison app Earny claims $1m in funding, successfully launches app

Andy Boxall | May 10, 2016

App Deals

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Price comparison app Earny has closed out a funding round in which it raised $1m from Sweet Capital and Science Inc, along with Yahoo SVP Jeff Bonforte and Weathfront CEO Adam Nash. The app launched at the same time, going live on the iTunes App Store, with an Android version to follow soon.

The idea behind Earny is simple. It watches purchases made from Amazon and will automatically claim back the difference in price, should the item be reduced in one of the top 50 online stores. Many customers are unaware of the price protection offer, and are missing out on money they’re owed.

Earny completes a funding round and launches the app

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Earny is fully automated, and only requires access to your Amazon account to view receipts, although no personal information is gathered. Once setup, it monitors online prices, contacts the stores with a reduction, and reclaims any money. The user receives a notification, and that’s it.

The Earny app is powered by MasterCard’s Simplify Commerce API, and the original concept won a recent MasterCard Masters of Code hackathon. To learn more about the Earny app, visit the company’s website here.

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