Innovation: Tapjoy launches new mobile advertising format to make video ads more interactive

Tapjoy, the mobile app advertising platform, launched a brand new mobile ad format this week. Called Interactive End Cards, the format is part of the company’s its Interplay Advertising Suite.
Interactive End Cards have been created to turn traditional video ads into more interactive, rich media ad experiences to engage consumers with branded stories.
20th Century Fox was among the first advertisers to test the Interactive End Cards. The production company promoted War of the Planet of the Apes by featuring a full-length video trailer and interactive slider that users could swipe to reveal more information about the film. At the end, tickets could also be purchased.
Overall, the campaign had an 88% video completion rate and a 4% click-through rate to purchase tickets. That’s 3.5 times higher than the industry standard for pre-roll campaigns.

“Our goal was to deliver exceptional results in both awareness and affinity for the film, while driving measurable performance in the form of trailer views and click-throughs,” explained Izzy Hedges, the EVP of International Media for 20th Century FOX’s media agency Vizeum. “Tapjoy’s new Interactive Ends Cards enabled us to present a trailer first, followed by a branded experience that really brought the movie’s characters to life. The format is new, exciting and premium, and it complements our studio-quality advertising.”

The new format adds branded and customisable advertising experiences to video ads to help boost an advertisers brand metrics including awareness and affinity, but also click-throughs and conversions.
To make ads truly interactive, a wide range of Motion Ads are available to prompt audiences to swipe, flip, fold, wave and also spin their mobile devices.
All end cards have a call-to-action embedded that prompts consumers to visit a website or make a purchase, or download an app.
Tapjoy adds that its video ads are Moat-verified for viewability and audibility. Former tests revealed that its video ads drive 98% of viewability and 85% completion rates on average.
The company also implemented real-time A/B testing for its Interactive End Cards.
Shannon Jessup, Tapjoy’s chief revenue officer:

“Our new Interactive End Cards take mobile video advertising to the next level. While mobile videos are extremely effective for raising awareness and driving upper-level branding objectives, they fail to truly engage audiences and directly involve them in the brand’s story. With Interactive End Cards, marketers can capitalize on consumer attention by allowing audiences to interactive with their products or services in fun and meaningful ways.”

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