Inneractive rolls out Video Advertising Monetisation Platform for publishers

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. September 15, 2017

Programmatic trading tech company Inneractive has rolled out a Video Advertising Monetisation Platform (VAMP) which is aimed at supporting publishers.
VAMP lets publishers explore advertising units including innovative video ad formats which guarantee greater levels of viewability and user engagement. In addition, publishers can create custom packages of audience segments.
Among the three core features, VAMP includes an Audience Vault, which lets publishers analyse and segment their user bases by demographics and behaviour. The Vault has been designed to create audience packages which later can be sold programmatically. User profiles are initially based on the publisher’s data, combined with the platform’s auction and engagement data and third-party data from DMPs.
There’s also a revenue dashboard so that publishers retain the full overview of which audiences are driving better value for buyers.
Meanwhile, the Revenue Desk is a more creative name given to VAMP’s dashboard, which includes A/B testing tools, placements and price point information.
Inneractive has also added a Video Suite to boost video formats. The format has undoubtedly picked up steam among marketers and publishers are well aware of the trend.
The company has also been working closely with Innovid, the video ad server, to develop a VPAID feature, which ensures that campaigns are compliant with VPAID campaigns.
Roni Anavi-Fass, VP Product at Inneractive, says:

“VAMP helps solve three pain-points: lack of transparency and control in programmatic, the complexity in the trading of programmatic mobile video, and publishers struggling to remain competitive over mobile ad dollars, especially against Facebook and Google which currently take 75 cents on the dollar. has been designed to bring true value to publishers providing actionable insights about their most valuable audiences, that will enable them to compete more effectively with the Internet giants.”