InMobi unveils new platform for telcos to securely manage mobile user data

Anne Freier | February 25, 2019

Mobile Advertising

Back in October 2018 when InMobi, the mobile ad company, acquired Pinsight Media, then part of Sprint, it wasn’t entirely clear what the company’s plans were for the acquisition.

Today, InMobi revealed TruFactor, a business unit entirely for telcos, based on that Pinsight Media acquisition.

TruFactor lets telcos transform their raw network-level mobile data into actionable knowledge to boost customer retention according to a press release. In other words, it allows telcos to collect, curate and analyse data in an effort to provide better privacy, an improve customer experience and ultimately drive growth.

“Telcos are increasingly under pressure to deliver responsible and secure data management in a world driven by intense competition, rapid technological changes and accountable privacy practices,” explained Piyush Shah, Co-Founder, InMobi Group and President, Marketing Cloud and TruFactor. “Built with consumers and businesses in mind, TruFactor exists at the intersection of truth and fact – emerging as the one true factor that enterprises can trust for growth.”

TruFactor will also partner with Microsoft to launch the secure data platform through Microsoft Azure, which provides enterprise-grade security and machine learning. It will use Azure Data Lake Storage as a foundation to deliver scalable data.

Although results of early testing have not yet been revealed, TruFactor’s first customer Sprint was able to test some of the platform’s benefits.

TruFactor was developed in collaboration with advocacy groups and considers the guidelines issued by privacy regulators to provide enhanced transparency options.

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