InMobi now reaches more than one billion mobile devices

Andy Boxall | February 11, 2015

Mobile Advertising

InMobi Logo
InMobi recorded an important milestone at the end of 2014 – its global network reached one billion mobile devices, which is states is the first time an independent mobile-focused network has achieved this.
Naveen Tewari, founder and CEO of InMobi, said:

“Our commitment to creating a rich and unique mobile ecosystem is what sets us apart and has helped us reach this milestone. We are reimagining advertising at its core, and now, with over one billion devices on our network, we are well-positioned to deliver on that promise.”

To mark the occasion, InMobi released some key statistics about its network, and a profile defining the typical InMobi consumer. On average, an InMobi consumer interacts with the network at least six times per day, either through an app or a mobile website. It serves six billion ad requests per day, and its largest distribution of consumers is in the Asia Pacific region, at 38%, with Europe in second with 24%, and North America close behind with 19%. These data points are summarised in the infographic below:
InMobi’s infographic reveals key statistics on the company’s performance
InMobi says its reach is a major benefit to advertisers looking for new users in a preferred region or market, while brands will benefit from the extended, broader network. To learn more about InMobi, you can visit its company profile here.

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